The Scoring System Explained

To reflect the quality of the movies we will be reviewing we have dispensed with the usual star rating. It would seem a bit pointless to be giving every film a 1 out of 5 stars. Instead we will be scoring everything on our very own TURKEY SCALE(patent pending).

With the TURKEY SCALE each film is given 2 different scores.

First is the POPCORN score, this determines how ENJOYABLE a film was, with the most enjoyable film getting a 5 and the least getting a 1.

Second is the TURKEY Score, this determines how BAD a film was, with a 5 given to the worst film ever, and and 1 given to a film that’s actually ok.


When a film scores a 5 for both scales we will award it with our very own POPCORN-TURKEY AWARD! Reserved only for the very best of the very worst.