Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes – Info

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Release Date: 26th April 2010

Writer: Paul Bales

Director: Rachel Goldenberg

Production Company: The Asylum Home Entertainment

Distributors: The Asylum Home Entertainment

Tagline: When two worlds collide only one man can save us

Back of the Box:

Fearsome monsters are terrorising London. Holmes and his faithful companion Dr. Watson (Gareth David Lloyd – Torchwood) must embark on their most dangerous case yet. The investigation will take our heroic duo on an incredible journey that will see them do battle with their arch nemesis; the mad mechanical genius Spring-Heeled (Dominic Keating – Star Trek Enterprise), who will stop at nothing to bring destruction to London. Can Holmes and Watson save Queen and country from annihilation…?

Featuring fantastic special effects of period England being ravaged by dragons, dinosaurs and cyber-men, Sherlock Holmes is a breathtaking adventure for the Dr Who age!

Ben Syder Sherlock Holmes
Gareth David-Lloyd Dr. John Watson
Dominic Keating Thorpe Holmes
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